Kettler Twin Electric Bicycle Review

by Electric bike guru on May 15, 2012

I just had the pleasure of meeting the Kettler Electric Bike. A nice piece of German engineering, it has an electric motor in the drive train that acts as a helpful hand on those tough hills and inclines. The Shimano Nexus 8 speed internal hub is also a wondrous edition. I managed to maintain an average speed of 18.4 Kilometers per hour here in Upper East Side traffic.

The Kettler Twin feels just like a regular bicycle

If you really want to go cruising down easy street. The nice thing about the Kettler electric bike is it still feels like a bicycle. Your legs keep moving to get the wheels going, power assistance or not. With out power assistance you have the full range of the Shimano internal 8 speed hub to keep you in your comfort zone, or to make you work a little harder for a good exercise.

Its an “every-person” kind of Bicycle. The Kettler is perfect bike for individuals with perhaps some mobility issues, besides the obvious power assistance while you are peddling. The Kettler is a total cruiser, with upright seating, a shock absorbing seat post and a step through design make the ride very comfortable, with very easy mount and dismount.

The Kettler Twin is easy to use!

Operation of the electric bike is quite natural. Everything is with in reach at relaxed angles. The Shimano grip shift makes changing gears a breeze. The remote is simple and user friendly with arrow shaped buttons and clear easy to read text. It informs you of how fast you are going and your battery life. The upright position of the Kettler Electric Bike makes it easy to look around and see what is happening around you. It has a rack to put some baskets on or panniers to put your groceries, art supplies or laptop case in.

The Kettler is very diverse!

The Kettler Electric Bike is not your grandparent’s bike though, you can really cruise on this bike, especially on an open flat stretch of asphalt, even up hill in 8th gear on high power, I was zipping through at near 21 kmh. Take my word for it, whether you are looking for a commute bike or a joy ride around the island, the Kettler Twin is definitely a great option!

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