A2B Electric Bike – Speedster Dream

by Electric bike guru on May 29, 2012

The A2B electric bike is a speedster dream. Unlike the BionX Motor, which works through assisted pedaling, the A2B is throttle powered. It has an excellent responsive disc breaking system and just flat out rocked my socks. Admittedly, it is a beast weight wise, but with a little boost from the throttle however you can really start moving.

The interface on the A2B Metro is really user friendly; you have your speedometer and trip miles on a well lit display in the center, the throttle on the right and a shifter on the left. There is even a smart rear view mirror. All you have to do is put your key in, switch to A and you are rollin’.

Cruising on the A2B Metro!

The A2B is the perfect ride for catchin’ a breeze. I am a a bit of a speed demon, and I ride a lot of track bikes and light little road numbers to get my adrenaline kicking. The A2B Electric Bike really took me by surprise. I was trying my best to be “conservative,” but once I hit the throttle, I couldn’t help but kick it into gear and be a little reckless. I suggest be a little more wary while on the road of course, I may have ran a red light, but how could you not when you are riding an electric bike with the potential of doing more than of 22 mph? I am surprised I didn’t get any bugs stuck in my teeth because I was smiling so much.

Off-roading on the A2B Metro

If you are going to be a little crazy and try to take this off the pavement, the A2B Electric Bike has an excellent shock absorbed front fork, which gives it this off-road adventure look, as well as a shock absorbing actuator under the seat to the rear wheel. This is no rigid ride, it bounces gently over NYC potholes and adds to the joy of speeding down Park Ave.

Its all about double takes with the A2B Metro. The A2B has a rad, from the future, “I’m going to take to the dunes, ready for the apocalypse” kind of look to it. It definitely turned some heads, which if you are into it, could be a great way to pick up some cute environmentalists.

Take the A2b to the farmers market? Why not!

That’s where my wish for an optional extra seat comes in. There is a super sturdy back rack that you could throw some Ortlieb bags on and get your groceries from the farmers market with, maybe a child’s seat? I wouldn’t mind being able to take one of the farmers with me though.

When getting around, it is safe to say the A2B Electric Bike is an excellent vehicle for the city or suburbs. You get all the joys of being quicker than public transportation, along with no street parking issues and no tolls or gas to contend with. All you have to do make sure you have a place to plug this fella into charge for the next day’s adventures. Check out the high powered A2B Electric Bike today!

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