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May 2013

Stromer Lovin’

by Electric bike guru on May 21, 2013

The handsomely understated Stromer Sport is one of the most popular and highest quality electric bikes at NYCeWheels. Since we have just lowered the price on these amazing bikes, they represent one of the best deals you can find on a high-performing electric bike right now. I took a long spin through Randall’s Island Park to help me break down exactly what makes these beautiful machines tick.

The Stromer Sport has a stalwart build

The most overtly noticeable physical characteristics on the Stromer Sport, especially as compared to the cruiser/commuter designs of the Currie IZIPs or Kettler Twin, are the thick down tube, which houses a large battery, and the impressive 80mm hydraulic suspension fork. Between this fork and the bike’s stalwart build, the Stromer feels like it could take some serious drops or eat up backwoods single tracks just as easily as racing through a park on the daily commute.

Different modes for different riding styles

The Stromer features both a “power assist” mode and a “power-on-demand” mode to cater to a variety of riding styles. In the latter mode, a throttle built into the handlebars directly controls the electric motor, allowing the rider let the bike do all the work, or to add a boost of power just when it is needed–say during the last stretch of an otherwise brutal hill. In power assist mode, the motor kicks in only when you pedal, greatly increasing the power of your legs. In both modes, power levels can be adjusted between four levels, charmingly titled “eco” (least powerful), “city”, “tour”, and “power” (most powerful). Varying all these settings can drastically alter the feeling of your ride, so that riding in eco assist mode makes you feel fresh and without fatigue, while riding in power-on-demand mode at the maximal setting can make you think you are a member of the Hell’s Angels.

The Stromer Sport also features functional regenerative braking. In a nutshell, the bike can automatically transfer the energy put into braking back into the battery, regenerating some of the bike’s charge. This innovative system ensures a much longer battery life–in eco pedal assist mode, some Stromer riders have gotten 4o-50 miles or even more on a single charge of the 10 amp hour battery!

The Stromer Sport electric bike can eat up rough trails

I took the opportunity to ride the Stromer Sport through some off-road, rocky and sandy terrain during my test ride, and it never felt anything other than completely stable. High quality disc brakes allowed me to stop on a dime, and despite its robust feel, the bike seemed satisfyingly maneuverable to me. The Stromer can be outfitted as either an 8-speed or a 27-speed bike, but I found 8 speeds to be all I needed, especially when using the electric motor. I also found that having a gear shifter on only one side kept the controls on this bike simple and manageable. However, anyone wishing to really see how the Stromer Sport electric bike fares on gnarly off-road singletracks, or to use the bike on extended trips over varied terrain, could benefit from the full 27-speed setup.

The Sport features a lot of nice components

In addition to holding their own as a sporty electric ride, these bikes are a great value. They come kitted out with an impressive array of quality components, which means that they can compete with similar bikes that sell at a much higher price point. The result is that riders looking for a stout, sports-oriented bike with big shocks and a tank-like build need look no further than the Stromer Sport electric bike.

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Miles Schneider is a folding and electric bike specialist and blogger for NYCeWheels in New York City. He plays the 6-string electric violin, and loves dogs.