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July 2013

eFlow and BionX review from David

by Miles on July 15, 2013

NYCeWheels customer and alternative transportation specialist David stopped by the shop to take a spin on Currie Technologies’ fully loaded electric bike, the eFlow Nitro. He submitted this review of the sleek bike’s powerful feel, and also wrote about his own BionX-equipped bike. Read on!

Thanks again for the eFlow Nitro demo ride last Thursday.  I rode it from NYCeWheels up the East side bikeway to 122nd Street and then back to the shop.  The bikeway is a little crowded and paved with bricks, so I was only riding about 10 -12 miles per hour.  Returning to the shop, I got off the bikeway at 96th Street, and rode the last half-mile on York Avenue.  I still had to go pretty slow because of the busy traffic and traffic lights but the strong e-assist took a lot of the strain out of the stop-and-go riding.
After I left your shop, I rode my BionX-equipped bike down 2nd Avenue to the Queensboro Bridge, then pedaled over the Bridge into Queens.   The BionX electric motor provides a big assist in climbing the grade on the Bridge, and keeps me moving fast enough to feel some cool air while I pedal up the grade.  After I got to Queens I pedaled up 31st Street to Astoria.   I spent a few hours at my friend’s house and we had dinner, then I pedaled back, taking the same route as before.  I rode down 31st Street to get back to the Bridge, and then over into Manhattan and back to Grand Central Terminal.   Then I took a train from Grand Central back to Stamford, where I had parked my car that morning.  It costs only $8 to park all day in Stamford, so it provides an economical alternative to bringing a car into the City.  My interest is alternative intermodal transportation, not just electric bikes, which includes everything from motor scooters to water taxis!

Sunday was almost an instant replay.  In the morning, I brought my BionX electric bike into the City again for the annual Tour de Brooklyn ride.  It was a hot day, and since I started my ride from Grand Central and then had to pedal to the official start at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, the electric pedal assist provided a huge advantage.  After the Tour, I had lunch at a food festival set up in Brooklyn Bridge Park, and then rode back to the Williamsburg Bridge along a section of the new Brooklyn Waterfront Greenway.

New York and New Yorkers should be proud of the City’s green transportation infrastructure, and cyclists on electric bikes can have an important role to play in this.  I am interested in doing some research into the actual cost of recharging e-bikes in order to do a cost comparison with some of the different modes of transportation available to people who live in and near New York City.


If you are as excited about green infrastructure as David is, go check out the selection of electric bike conversion kits and dedicated electric bikes at NYCeWheels!