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September 2013

Electric Bromptons

by Jack R. on September 21, 2013

Friend of the shop TurboBob on his E- Brompton

Friend of the shop TurboBob has this classy, all white E- Brompton

One of the most uniquely NYCeWheels-y products we sell has to be the Electric Brompton, and with its versatility and practicality, it is quickly catching on as one of our most popular. Part of its appeal lies in its versatility–see a Brompton bike you like in the shop? We can electrify it.

Likewise, if you have an extremely specific Brompton setup in mind, or some ghastly, garish color scheme that we don’t keep in stock for obvious reasons but makes your colorblind hear sing, we can have a Brompton built for you from the floor up in London, and electrify it upon arrival. Or, on the other hand, we’ve had longtime customers bring in their beloved 5- or 10-year-old Bromptons in to be retrofitted with our electric setup–and that works brilliantly too!

What makes these bikes so irresistible? Let’s find out.

Everything Great About a Brompton…

E-brompton - fresh out of box

E-brompton - fresh out of box

The first astounding thing about these bikes is that their electrical systems do not interfere whatsoever with Brompton’s brilliant design.  They still fold to the same, incredible 22.2 by 21.5 by 10.6 inch package with ease and grace. Halfway folded, they can be carted around on Eazy Wheels just as a standard Brompton would, and even though the battery is housed in a front-mounting C-Bag, it doesn’t even need to be removed for the bike to fold.

Along with the Brompton’s legendary compactness, it can also be outfitted as a pretty lightweight bike. Because the electrical system is relatively light as well, the entire package comes out to 40-42 lbs or so. This is awfully light for an electric bike–consider the A2B Metro, which weighs in at 70+lbs!

…Plus a 250 Watt Motor…


Motor located on the front wheels of the E-Brompton

Because most Bromptons use internal gear hubs, where the bike’s gears are contained in the rear wheel, we always install the motor in the front wheel hub. The Brompton is perfect for a front wheel motor–it’s high quality chromoly steel construction is extremely durable but also able to flex enough that the tightly installed motor won’t put it at risk of damage.

Though the thought of a ludicrously overpowered little Brompton with a 500- or 750-watt motor certainly is entertaining, we knew that a small, practical folding bike like this wouldn’t need too much power. To keep weight and cost down, we paired it with a 250 watt motor–just enough power to easily fly you up the last hill on your way home, but not so much that you literally fly off the handlebars.

…and a 36-volt Battery

Powering the Electric Brompton is an advanced lithium polymer battery. These next-generation batteries represent the height of technology in electric bikes today, and offer excellent performance while keeping weight to a bare minimum. At 36 volts, this battery is also quite efficient, providing the motor with more than enough power to do its thing–even when it peaks at 400 watts.

The standard Electric Brompton comes with a 10 amp hour battery, which is a very large capacity for a lightweight, 250 watt bike. However, with an upgrade to our 15 amp hour battery, the range of this bike is truly outrageous.

No matter if you’re just looking for a fun twist to your Brompton or if you need an electric boost in order to get around, the Electric Brompton never fails to please. Order yours today!