Electric Surly Fatbike Revolution!

by Jack R. on October 26, 2013

Ever since we started performing BionX installations on Surly’s excellent line of steel-framed “fatbikes,” they have been some of the most popular bikes in the shop. Since we build each one to order, these electric Moonlanders and Pugsleys are not permanent fixtures at NYCeWheels. However, customers who happen by the shop on days when we are about to ship one out are lucky enough to get a glimpse of these spec’d out beauties and have a chance to drool over their overbuild forks and ludicrously wide tires. Without fail, these electric Surlys get the most enthusiastic attention of any electric bike we carry. Even customers who come in looking for a mere kick scooter end up gazing lustfully at any fatbikes they encounter.

Pugsley with BionxSo what makes them so special? I think it has to do with what a unique set of features these conversions combine. The Pugsley electric bike, for example, is a previously unheard of combination of fatbike-style overblown balloon tires and high-class mountain bike machinery, making it a surprisingly versatile bike that roll up single track, sand dunes, and city curbs equally well. The Moonlander, on the other hand, is as fat a bike can be–riding this thing is more akin to drifting through the air than cranking a bike, as its nearly 5-inch-wide tires float over any obstacle without a second thought. Add to these already unique bikes one of our powerful BionX motors and you get a truly all-terrain vehicle capable of being either pedal powered, throttle powered like a motorcycle, or a combination of the two!

Realizing that we were dealing with gigantic bikes whose thick tires were sure to encounter some more rolling resistance than a more traditional setup, we even went an extra step further on our Pugsley conversions. We equipped these monsters with a custom BionX Derby-32H to maximize torque output. Not only does this super-powerful motor generate enough force to easily propel the Pugsley’s mass, there’s enough left over to conquer steep hills, mountain passes, and (why not?) glacier peaks.

One customer of ours was both inspired and mechanically-minded enough to order a BionX kit and do an installation on his own beloved Surly Krampus, which is sort of a high speed mountain racer/bushwhacker/fatbike hybrid. Whatever it is, it’s super cool. Yes, Gordon loved his Surly so much, and rode it in every conceivable condition–from heavy snow to ocean beaches–that he inevitably thought, “How could this bike be any cooler?” As any NYCeWheels fan will know, the answer is, “Put 350 watts of sheer power straight into the rear hub!” Gordon, wise as he is, saw that this was true, and went ahead with a BionX installation, before adding a very slick frame bag, which not only adds cargo capacity, but does a good job of concealing the BionX battery for maximal stealth.

We get so excited about BionX-enabled Surlys that when we built up a quartet of electric Moonlanders this weekend, we could not help but take them out for a little joy ride. I mean, Crocs aside, could you resist this?!

Electrified Moonlander

If you are as excited as we are about super-charge monster truck bikes, you should probably head over to the custom electric bikes section of our website and see them for yourself.

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