You ride, I Zip

by Jack R. on December 5, 2013

A2B electric bikeAn electric bike is many things, a necessity, an indulgence, a solution to a problem, an answer to a question. How am I going to get to the store? How can I keep up with my triathlon girlfriend on our next ride? Is it possible to bike 30 miles without getting covered in sweat?

Brompton Electric BikeThere are a million electric bikes out there and each answers our questions in different ways. Will you be a good replacement for my car?” one asks the the A2B Metro, who responds “I look amazing, and you should buy me immediately.” Turning to the electric folding bike section “what famous actor would be best cast in a movie about your life?” “Danny Devito” the Electric Brompton replies, “reliable, able to carry up to 250 lbs, small enough to fit inside a locker at the gym.”

“But what about color?” “Does green bring out the color of my eyes?” “What should I wear to the beach?”

Wear an iZip

The iZip electric bikes are all about fashion. So often the hardest part about choosing the right electric bike is that they have so many specific features, some of which you love, but others… meh… you’re not so into.

Rocky Balboa

The new Stromer St1 is the most powerful electric bike in the shop, and has great range, but, like Rocky Balboa or the national flag of Yemen it only comes in white, black, and red.

Of all the electric bikes I can think of, Currie Tech’s iZips, offer, by far, the most color, frame, and style options. First off the iZip’s come in three distinct models which have a variety of features tailored to different riding styles and needs, and are also offered at different price points to give the buyer some wiggle room in the wallet.

Currie iZip Electric BikesThe iZip Metro is powerful and comfortable with an upright ride, and a step through frame, fit with a 500 watt motor that has a nice kick and a good range. Most high-end of the iZip line but still almost half the price of the Stromer St1.

The iZip path, minimalist, lightweight, with the basic look and feel of a regular bike, but fit with a 250 watt motor capable of 15- 20 miles on a charge. Really everything you’d need in an electric bike, but offered at an entry level price, by far the most affordable electric bike in the shop.

And finally the iZip Zuma, middle of the road price point, nice upright ride, choice of top tube frame or a top tube for easy dismount, and, here’s my favorite part, enough color options to fill a small country – black, orange, red, turquoise, white, burgandy, silver, blue.

IZIP E3 ZumaConsidering all the iZip models side by side, you have 6 different frame designs, 12 colors to choose from, the option of frame mounted or rear rack battery placement, and three different very affordable price points to consider. As any true lover of fashion knows, the more options in the closet, the better the outfit, and the higher the chance you’ll get in the club.

Next time an electric bike doesn’t seem to have all the answers, don’t feel like you have to compromise, take a look at the Currie iZip electric bikes and all will be revealed.


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