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March 2014

2012 Stromer Sport Deluxe

by Jack R. on March 20, 2014

As a Floridian-turned-NYC bike messenger, there were three things nobody could prepare me for: hills, cold, and an unforgiving maze of stagnant traffic. So, when given the opportunity to give the 2012 Stromer a spin around the streets I was hesitant. Surely, I cannot be seen on an electric bicycle: that’s just cheating. After just five minutes on the streets, I wondered just why I held myself back for so long.

Stromer Electric bike“Not your average looking e-bike…”

With sleek tubing and a matte black finish, the Stromer Sport Deluxe has to be the most unsuspecting electric bicycle on the street. Gone are the images of bulky battery packs you have to carry with you–the 36v Li/ion battery is kept hidden away in the downtube and can only be removed with the included key. The handlebar mounted controller appears bulky at first, but the large readout was easy to use and told me everything I needed to know without breaking my concentration on the circus around me.

Climbing Streets

The Stromer Sport is a powerful electric bike. Hills are something many urban riders pride themselves on: the thrill of conquering an almost vertical mass of land gives a feeling that some compare to winning the lottery. Not me, I hate hills. So, upon reaching my first steep hill I was nervous: at 6’5″ and over 300lbs, I had the all too familiar feeling of the work ahead of me, and the shame of having to dismount and walk.

With an audience of NYC Taxis prepared to audibly punish me with a beep of their horn, the light turned green and I began pedaling up the hill–only to be pleasantly surprised to be silently pushed along by the bike’s 500W motor without any hesitation. With a smile on my face I effortlessly conquered the Midtown mountain! With a slight pull of the Sport’s Avid mechanical disk brakes I was able to regain some of the battery power I used going up as I glided back down the hill. At that point I was hooked.

Stromer Sport Electric Bike Six Modes of Joy

The Stromer Sport has two modes of regeneration and four modes of power with the option to either accelerate when you pedal (Power Assist) or with a twist of the grip (Power on Demand). Power Assist’s Power mode was an immediate favorite of mine and I spent a majority of my time with the bike enjoying the responsiveness of the motor to my command. The City, ECO, and Tour modes guarantee something for every riding style–whether it be on crowded NYC streets or gorgeous Florida trails.

In summary, the 2012 Stromer is an excellent commuting workhorse that soldiers up hills and recharges down them. With a 20MPH top speed, 25 mile range (Power Assist), and an entry price lower than most used cars, the Stromer Sport was my gateway to the world of electric propulsion.