The A2B Kuo: Our Most Affordable Electric Bike!

by Jack R. on September 18, 2014

The A2B Kuo is the perfect entry level electric bike: a nice 25 mile range, 15 mph top speed, and it FOLDS, for under $1500. Let’s take a closer look!

A2B KuoThe A2B Kuo is light for an electric bike, weighing just 39.5 lbs, over 20 pounds lighter than most full sized electric bikes on the market. It uses smaller 20 inch wheels with beefy tread on the tires for extra puncture protection and natural shock absorption. The smaller size of the wheels allows the bike to be lighter and more portable, and will have a sharper turn radius for a more responsive and nimble ride.

A2b Kuo The Kuo has a 250 watt geared motor built into the rear wheel. This motor is a little smaller than many full size electric bikes, but it is lighter in weight and still has enough power to get you up to 15.5 miles per hour on a flat!

As with most electric bikes, you can still pedal the A2B Kuo just like a regular bike and this can help the motor function more efficiently. By pedaling up hills and helping the motor out, you will be able to increase your range and ride upwards of 25 miles on a charge. The Kuo has 7 speeds and uses a quality Shimano Tourney derailleur for smooth shifting.

A2B Kuo This folding electric bike is powered by a 24 volt 9 ah lithium ion battery which fits nicely in front of the rear wheel. The battery is smaller and lighter than many electric bike batteries, but with 9 ah you’ll still have nice range. The battery is easily removable through the use of a key, and should take around 6 – 7 to charge up. Pushing a small button on the side of the battery will turn on the electric system and allow you to engage the motor!

A2b Kuo On the handlebars you will find an LED display which tells you your speed, distance, battery charge, as well as how many times the battery has been recharged. You also have a nice safety bell just to the left so you can let people know when you’re zooming past.

Like other A2B models like the A2B Alva +, the Kuo has a twist throttle which activates the motor and lets you zip along like you’re riding a motor cycle. One of the best features of the Kuo is that it also has pedal assist modes which allow you to ride the Kuo like a pedelec e bike. What is a pedlec e-bike?” you may ask? Instead of a button or throttle which automatically activates a motor, pedal assist works with your pedaling, amplifying each stroke to make you feel like you’re superman.

To activate pedal assist modes, there is a small switch just beneath the display. Switch it to the right and you’re on a “low” assist mode for longer range, switch it to the left and you activate a “high” assist mode for more of a boost. And of course at any time you can give the pedal assist a break and just use the throttle to shoot you forward pedal free.

Last but not least, even with all of these great features, the A2B Kuo is able to fold up small enough to fit in a closet or in the trunk of your car. How does it fold? Check out the video review above courtesy of Electric Bike Review, and you’ll see it in action!

With all these great features, the A2B Kuo is still one of the most affordable electric bikes that has ever come through our doors. If you’re looking for an electric bike that is portable, light, has decent range and power, and isn’t going to break the bank, the A2B Kuo is the way to go!!!!


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