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The Savings of a Bicycle with Motor Power

by Electric bike guru on July 17, 2010

Riding a Bike with Motor Power

A Commuter on a Bike with Motor Power

Riding a bicycle with motor assistance is like a cross between a standard bicycle and a motorcycle. It feels like a pedal-powered bike, but it gives a boost powerful enough to go up steep hills. The advantages of this are fun, eco-friendly, and healthier than riding in a car or public transportation, but there is one important advantage to a bike with motor assistance that is seldom talked about: Cost.

Cost of a Bicycle with Motor

It’s true, a bike with motor power is much more expensive than a standard pedal-powered bicycle. It could be three times more expensive, due to the powerful Lithium batteries. However, compared to a gasoline-powered Vespa or motorcycle, the costs are far less in the long run. For a one-time payment, a bike with motor assistance will last for years without needing to pour money into it every day to power it. The cost of plugging the battery into a wall outlet over night is comparable to leaving a light bulb on overnight. Depending on your electricity provider, this could cost between two and five cents per day. Breaking the bank, right?

Bike with Electric Motor vs Gas Power

A Lithium bike battery can seem expensive, at about $500 per battery. Though a bike with motor power will last years before these batteries need to be replaced, it seems like a large price to pay to keep it running. The misconception comes with a comparison to gas-powered bikes. If a Vespa, which is one of the most energy efficient gas vehicles out there, costs about $2 a day for an everyday commuter in gasoline costs, this still comes out to over $700 per year on gasoline! Now that $500 every few years for a Lithium battery looks pretty good, right? The difference is, a gas-powered vehicle has very small incremental costs, so it seems cheaper in the short term cost.

A bike with motor power is not only a cost-efficient alternative to gasoline, but it is also energy efficient. Electricity is green transportation, and doesn’t result in exhaust or any carbon footprint. Help out your wallet and your environment by investing in a bike with motor assistance.