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Give Up The Gas! Electric Bikes and Bicycle Trailers

by Electric bike guru on July 28, 2010

BionX folding bike towing a bike trailer

This bike trailer actually carries this electric folding bike!

Less than ten years ago, big cars were in style. Big trucks, four-wheel drive SUVs, and the comeback of the Hummer led people down a gas-guzzling highway that consisted of low mileage, high emissions, and a feeling of complete domination of the road in their macho ride.

These days, the attitude has changed entirely. Compact cars and hybrid vehicles are much more popular than ever. Even the Tesla electric car is a good investment, if you happen to win the lottery. Though the automobile industry is slow to act upon this shift in eco-friendly ideas, there are alternatives to driving a car that are just as practical, and much, much more eco-friendly. Take an electric-powered bike towing a bicycle cargo trailer, for example. No emissions whatsoever, since the electric bike runs off of a battery, and the cargo trailer allows for all of the trunk space of a car. Most daily trips average under 10 miles in a car. The average electric bike using new Lithium battery technology will run over twenty miles on a single battery charge!

Which Electric Bike Is Right For Me?

There are hundreds of electric bikes to choose from, and the prices range from $500 up to $10,000. There are great resources on the internet to help you choose the best electric bike based on your style and daily travel routine.

Of course, a long-distance road trip is not appropriate for an electric bike. However, consider the amount of trips that are over twenty miles in a single month. How many times will you drive this far? Keep a tally, and then decide if you still need to pump money into your car. For those trips around town when you need to get groceries, transport some furniture or musical equipment, or bring your camping gear, there are bicycle trailers that work perfectly.

Bicycle Trailers Take the Place of Your Trunk

Bicycle trailers hold anywhere from 30 to 200 lbs. Towing it with an electric bike is also considerably less work than trying to pedal a bike with all that extra weight. The Burley bicycle trailers are some of the best quality bike trailers on the market. They’re lightweight, durable, and can be easily detached from a bike when not in use. Some, like the Burley Travoy folding bicycle trailer, will fold down to the size of a suitcase for storage. It can also be wheeled around like a hand-truck. This low-profile bike trailer is perfect for city streets, because it stays relatively close to the bike and rides on two air-filled, maneuverable wheels.

Cargo trailers for bicycles solve many of the problems of giving up a car for good, although this solution will still not be accepted by everyone. The idea of the automobile is so ingrained in the American culture that it will be hard to wean the country into biking for transportation. Many European countries have very prolific bike cultures, with bike paths sometimes outnumbering roads in a few places. Following suit in America would result in much less emission, more exercise, and less money spent filling up the tank. It makes so much sense, that it’s hard to believe so many people haven’t caught on yet!