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Hurricane Sandy on a Stromer

by Jack R. on November 24, 2012

Here in New York City, hurricane Sandy completely halted all public transportation.  Living In Brooklyn and working at NYCeWheels in Manhattan, the only option was to travel by bicycle.  An electric bicycle is a great alternative to public transportation, giving you a freedom and independence that can only be achieved by cycling – allowing an average rider like myself to travel over 30 miles in a day, every day.

Why I went with the Stromer Electric Bike

Stromer Electric Bike

Stromer Electric Bike

For me, the Stromer Electric Bicycle was the obvious choice.  Its strong aluminum frame and front suspension are tough enough to tackle anything.  It uses a 14ah Lithium ion Battery, providing enough power to cruise over 15 miles with no pedaling whatsoever.  In economy mode, the Stromer will assist your pedaling for up to 60 miles, making it one of the most efficient electric bikes on the market.

Riding the Stromer electric bicycle is a one of a kind experience.  Its powerful 600 watt motor makes the Manhattan Bridge and the long rolling hills of Prospect Park Brooklyn effortless.  Electric bicycles in general have the stigma of being an easy alternative for people who want to avoid hard work, but this is not the case.

The Stromer Elite is versatile, a great bike for riders of any level.  If you want to relax and enjoy the ride, just turn up the assistance and let the motor carry you up to 20 mph.   If you want to push yourself, you can pedal it like a normal bike to save the battery, or boost up the assistance and dig into the pedals to reach speeds faster than most professional road bikers could boast.  A Triple Crankset allows you to push this Stromer to over 30mph in its tallest gear!  To help you maintain safety at these high speeds, the Stromer‘s Hydraulic disk brakes offer smooth and evenly distributed stopping power, and low maintenance as compared to inferior rim brakes.

Components on the Stromer Electric Bike

Stromer Electric Bike

Stromer Electric Bike

As far as bicycles go, the Stromer Elite has been constructed with Top Tier components:

-Alex Double Wall Wheels

-Stainless Steel Spokes

-Alloy Sealed Cartridge Bearing Front Quick Release Hub

-600 Watt RMS Hub Drive Rear Motor

-Maxxis Overdrive Tyres

-A SR Suntour Front Suspension Fork w/ Lockout Feature

These are few of the parts that not only make this an awesome bike, but make the Stromer Electric Bike a long lasting reliable machine.

Why I ride an Electric Bike.

Stromer Electric Bike

Stromer Electric Bike

Electric bicycles in general are a great option for a variety of different cyclists.  From every day commuters to weekend joyriders, electric bicycles give everyone the opportunity to cover more ground in a way that is good for the environment, economical, and also good for your health.

As the MTA system continues to become more congested here in New York City, transportation alternatives have become a way of life for many.  From Kick Scooters to folding bikes and Electric Bicycles, it just makes more sense to get around quicker above ground!

As for Hurricane Sandy, my Stromer Electric Bike has made it possible to get around, and most importantly get to work!  While many others are stranded without power, transportation, and fuel;  the Stromer Elite makes it possible to get around and get things done.  I’ve been very grateful to have a reliable form of transportation during this tough time, and I would certainly recommend the Stromer Electric Bike to anyone looking for a better way to get around town.



Electric bikes, lights and bells

by Jack R. on August 25, 2012

Your electric bike riding experience is not complete without lights and a bell.

If you bought your electric bike here at NYCeWheels and regularly ride around New York City, you should know that New York law requires lights and a bell.

That’s right, reflectors alone don’t cut it, you need to be equipped with a front and rear light if you’re riding after sundown or before sunrise. Besides the legality of it, having a light on your electric bike (or even your regular non-electric bicycle, or adult kick scooter) is a huge safety plus. Being visible in traffic is essential, not just to oncoming cars but to other cyclists and pedestrians. An old-fashioned reflector doesn’t hurt, but those work better when there isn’t much ambient light. With so many light sources in New York, and so many things grabbing drivers’ attentions, having a bright light is the only reliable way to make sure your presence on the road is noticed. You’ll want a white light on the front of your bike (mounted somewhere on your handlebar), and a red light on the rear of your bike (mounted anywhere from the seat post to your rack, if present.)

Be visible as you ride your electric bike!

Some electric bikes even come with safety lights built into the package. Many electric bikes, like the Gepida Reptila electric bike, the Kettler Twin electric bike, and the Styriette electric bike by Bionx come with built-in lights.

The Kettler Twin Electric Bicycle

The Kettler Twin Electric Bicycle

For all other cases, you can always purchase and attach battery-powered bicycle lights. These generally mount universally, but in the case of a particularly wide seat-post some lights will not work. If you are unsure if a particular light will work with your bike, we’ll be happy to help you out and clarify.

Electric bike’s motor make no sound, so don’t forget a bell!

As for bells, it’s simply the law. You’re required to have a method of notifying pedestrians of your presence. Bicycle bells are certainly functional and useful. One could argue that they can make their presence known to pedestrians by shouting at them or whistling. While that will get their attention, a bicycle bell does the same thing, and it does it in a polite manner, and it does so in a very distinguishing way: the sound of a bicycle bell is very identifiable as a bicycle bell.

Bell on the Kettler Twin Electric Bike

Bell on the Kettler Twin Electric Bike

A pedestrian that hears it will instantly recognize that a bicycle is approaching and that they may or may not be in its path. Whereas a loud “Yo!” or “Ay!” does not offer any immediate context for those hearing it. A bell speaks as a warning to everyone within earshot. Shouted words or a whistle come off as an exchange between two parties, and can easily be ignored the the intended target. There are numerous options for bicycle bells, and most will mount on any bike. The only exception is wider diameter road handlebars, which none of our electric bikes use!

When riding your electric bike, do it safely.

If you’re stopped on your bicycle by a police officer (say you were riding on the sidewalk, ran a red light, or were riding the wrong way down a one-way street or in the wrong lane), you can be ticketed for not having lights or a bell in addition to whatever the original infraction was. And guess what, the ticket is the same as any vehicle moving violation. You’ll end up paying well over the cost of a light set and bell. In fact, the amount of money you’ll end up paying in fines could have purchased you several of each, for you and all of your cycling friends.

Cycling culture has been booming in New York, and not just around the 10028 zip code where electric bikes and folding bikes are commonplace. With more and more bicycles on the road, we all need to do our part to ensure not just our safety but the safety of others. And on top of that all of New York is watching us as a group (albeit a large, mixed, and sometimes dysfunctional group), and how the city continues to treat cyclists (more bike lanes, or more laws and restrictions?) is largely going to be determined by how we handle ourselves out there.

Watch out for yourself, watch out for others, and make your presence known. When you finally find that perfect electric bike for you, don’t forget to add on that perfect light next to your perfect bell!