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Electric bike article series by David B.

by Electric bike guru on May 7, 2010

Fitting an Electric Bike into Your Lifestyle by David B.

This series is in production at this time, we are adding links as the sections become available.

1 What an Electric Bike is Not

2 The Mustang, the Minivan and the Electric Bike – A History of EV Global

3 Tips for Commuting to Work on an Electric Bike

4 Choosing the Electric Bike which is Right for You

5 Completing Your  E-Bike by Selecting the Perfect Accessories

6 Getting the Most Range Out of Your Electric Bike – Tips and Tricks

7 Make Your Own E-Bike:  A Look at Conversion Kits

8 The Scandinavian Affair:  A Look at the Velomobile

9 Leaving the Gas Pump Behind – Is there an Electric Car in Your Future?
Part 1:  Electric cars, the history
Part 2:  Is there an electric car in your future?

My eBike electric bike

My eBike electric bike