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Xcited about the XDuro Trekking RX!

by Jack R. on August 2, 2014

Today I took one of our new Haibikes, the XDuro Trekking RX, out for a 30 minute spin!

The XDuro has such a sharp look and with the centerdrive it barely looks like anything more than a high end mountain bike. So much detail has been put into the frame design and the welds are so low key, the “cut” had me drooling.


Haibike-Xduro-RXThe RX weighs 52 lbs, 10 lbs lighter than the Stromer, and the weight is extremely well balanced on the frame due to the motor and battery being in the center. I could easily carry this bike up a 3 story walk up daily.

In my time riding bicycles around NYC one of my favorite pastimes is to race the lights on 1st avenue and I took the Trekking RX over there as the avenue is near the shop. If you can catch all the lights you can ride straight up from Houston st all the way to 125th without missing a beat! Of course this has always proven nearly impossible as it requires you to go 20 mph non-stop for 5 miles (including uphill), quite the workout. Unless you have an electric bike.

Haibike-Xduro-RXCruising at a steady 25mph on the XDuro RX made staying in time with the lights no sweat, seriously not a drop of sweat on an 80 degree July day.

I was able to outpace cars and accelerate faster than them. At one point cruising along at 25 a cab did try to dangerously cut me off by darting in front of my right of way, and I was only able to decelerate fast enough to avoid catastrophe due to the hydraulic disk brakes, this electric bike has serious stopping power.


I also took the XDuro Trekking over to 2nd avenue to try out the full suspension and tires. Riding down 2nd avenue has been a nightmare for cyclists for the past several years due to the construction of the new subway line. Jagged streets, endless potholes, missing lane
lines, no crosswalks, construction, cranes, dump trucks, and asphalt gaps parallel to the bike’s direction pose a serious safety risk. The tires and the suspension had me feeling very secure. The fat 29ner tires were much wider than all the worst cracks in the asphalt and there was none of the typical being “rattled to pieces” by the potholes and such. On this bike you just glide effortlessly around the city, the electric motor is super quiet.


With a 30 mile range one could easily take this bike out in the morning, run errands all over NYC end to end all day and come back in the evening with much battery to spare and without losing your breath once. It’s overkill for riding around a city, even one with roads as rough as these.

I’d love to take it out on some dirt trails and see what the XDuro Trekking RX can really do.



A2b alva +Both the Stromer Sport and A2B Alva + exist to prove that electric bikes can look and ride better than regular bicycles–and they’re both doing a pretty good job of it. From the Stromer’s incognito battery and off-road performance and the A2B’s 20mph power assist, each bike was a very eligible competitor for my affection, though there are a few tradeoffs worth mentioning.  Keep in mind that his list is nowhere exhaustive.

The Get and Go

Both the Stromer Sport and A2B Alva + are powerful electric bikes, so the real difference comes to battery life and top speed.

A2B Alva + battery packThe winner here, hands down, was the A2B Alva+.

From the moment I left the shop, I was powering down 2nd Avenue at the speed of post rush-hour NYC traffic! Not in a bike lane happening to go the speed of traffic (which would be dangerous) but I was riding like a motorcycle, often having to change lanes to maintain my superhuman commuting speed.

The Interface

Stromer Sport Electric BikeWhere the A2B dominated the top speed category, the Stromer Sport had a far more intuitive controller- all controls at my finger tips and easily accessible. I will be even more stoked with the Stromer ST-2 comes out with smartphone integration in Summer 2014.

The A2B’s interface utilized a click wheel, which was not as easy to use while riding but still doable, albeit my frustration was beginning to develop as the night wore on.  The Stromer Sport wins here, by a landslide.

The Ride

Stromer Sport Electric bikeEach bike was taken down different routes, but under similar conditions.  In spite of being two generations older than its German compatriot, the Stromer Sport soldiered along crumbling Brooklyn streets with ease.  The ride was more like a familiar mountain bike, rather


Okay, the A2B is one heavy sucker, plain and simple, there are definitely some lighter weight electric bikes out there. Getting it up my three story walk-up took two trips, one for the battery and wheel, one for the frame. And I still struggled to get it up the stairs, once falling over backwards with it. The Stromer Sport was a lot heavier than my normal bicycles, but I was still able to get it upstairs without incident or disassembling. The Stromer Sport easily wins this: I just had to throw this bike over my shoulders and I was up in a matter of minutes.


Okay, this is a tough one–and it really comes down to personal preference. With its square tubing, the A2B Alva+ looks more like a bike of the future, even earning compliments from the NYPD officer who pulled me over for riding in Central Park after hours (oops!).

Stromer Sport - the best looking electric bike

The Stromer Sport looks like any standard high-end mountain bike, with the battery cleverly hidden away in the downtube, and a sleek rear motor that can only be spotted by someone familiar with electric bikes.

Personally, the Stromer Sport wins my vote for this round.

The Winner: A2B Alva+!!

Alva + electric bike

From the fenders to the lights to the ability to pass fossil fuel burning cars on the city streets, I was in love with the Alva+ by the time I crossed the Manhattan Bridge. The Stromer Sport is a great electric bike for the price, but A2B makes a mean electric bicycle.

This isn’t to knock Stromer, though.  Stromer still has some of the best service in the industry and that is why I’ll forever be a fan of both Stromer and A2B


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