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500 watts of red carpet

by Jack R. on January 11, 2014

Choosing your favorite electric bike is a bit like choosing your favorite celebrity. Some are fashionable and always look flashy, some are efficient and can effortlessly run long distances, others are great performers and are perfect in a variety of different roles.

A2B MetroThe A2b Metro Diesel

The A2B Metro is somewhere between a classy well dressed action hero and the winner of the World’s Strongest Man competition. First off, the A2B just has that touch of elegance. Bright crisp colors like red and silver, shiny high tech components that turn the head, and a visually striking frame, somewhat reminiscent of a moped, that has a tinge of the romantic. At the same time, it’s also looks super burly and tough, able to haul a lot of weight and get the job done.

A2B metroLooking at the A2B, I imagine myself cruising along a winding path on the Mediterranean on my way to the Villa, but at the same time I’m thinking, “Damn, I bet this thing could haul a lot of wood.” Like Vin Diesel, the Ab2 has a lot of torque and could lift some serious weight at the gym, but I also wouldn’t be surprised to see it featured on GQ.

Brompton Firth

Electric Brompton BikeAn electric bike like the E-Brompton is a bit hard to pin down as it combines so many different elements – incredibly versatile, the ideal commuter, able to become very compact and perform perfectly in every situation – Inspector Gadget might be a good fit if he were a real person. Actors who can play vastly different roles perfectly come to mind, the Daniel Day Lewis’ and Philip Seymour Hoffmans of the industry, but there’s something more common place and comfortable about the Brompton which doesn’t fit with these eccentric titans of Hollywood. Perhaps an actor like Colin Firth, who delivers with power and efficiency, is very diverse, great in every role, but also has a more everyday humility about him.

Like the electric Brompton, I think I could hang out with Colin Firth everyday without getting annoyed, and I imagine him being easy to take into restaurants or cafes without causing a scene, although he’d definitely be a conversation starter. He’s also very British.

Brody St1 Platinum

Adrian Brody Stromer St1And then there’s the Stromer St1 Platinum, the sleekest, sportiest bike in the shop, elegant bright red finish, fast 30 mph top speed, made only with the best components and looks great on camera. Really I have no choice but to compare the Stromer St1 with Adrian Brody. Not that he can run 30 mph, or is powered by a Samsung 36 volt lithium ion battery, but he did come in the shop and buy a Stromer St1 of his own, so I figured I’de give him props.

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Electricity and Bikes?

by John on March 14, 2013

My coleague Eric on the electric brompton

My colleague Eric on an electric folding bike

As a complete neophyte to electric bikes, it came as a complete shock that you could combine the two elements. Electric?…. Bike? I always figured that you would always want to pedal the bike that you happen to be on. Chalk this up to a lifetime of easy, relatively flat urban riding. To end my ignorance, this week my friend Eric introduced me to the concept of electrified rides in the form of various dedicated E-bikes, as they are coined, such as the pony packing Stromer, powerful eFlow, and the highly adaptable BionX Conversion Kits that can turn near any bike under the sun into an E-bike. You can even make an electric folding bike – Now that’s innovation.

My E-bike education

My education began with the sleek Stromer electric bike, this sporty steed of a bike is a full blown E-bike designed for maximum efficiency with a lithium 500W battery built into the down tube. Fast, powerful, and comfortable, with a frame modeled after a traditional mountain bike that has some nice front suspension and disc brakes. Amazing.

Stromer electric bike

Stromer electric bike

Another impressive e-bike, which just arrived at the shop, is the eFlow nitro. Like the Stromer, the eFlow Nitro also does not shy away from clever design. Where Stromer hides the battery inside the down tube, the eFlow Nitro is designed with the battery cleanly hidden away in the seat tube, cleverly distributing the weight underneath the rider.

Both the Stromer and the eFlow Nitro offer the most bleeding edge technology and innovation to take up any nasty hill or incline. Some may worry about the duration of the charge and range, but if you pedal along with the assistance provided by the motor, commutes of 30-40 miles should be a breeze.

For a detailed review of the eFlow check out TurboBob’s eFlow Nitro Article.

Electric conversion kits

Crosstown BionX Bike

Crosstown BionX Bike

If a fully designed E-bike may be out of your wallet’s range, don’t worry, there is a solution in the form of the BionX Motor Kits. This enables you to convert any standard bike into a speedy commuter so you may also take part in this very green solution to commuting. The kit uses a lithium ion battery, nicely mounted to the bike’s frame, or in some cases to a rear rack.

There are three different types of BionX kits which differ in power. The least powerful kit, the BionX Pl250 uses a 250 watt motor and a 24 volt battery, capable of powering you for up to 20 miles, at around 20 mph. As the least powerful kit, it’s battery is going to be smaller and therefore lighter, which is a major plus if you live up a walk up!

The next kit up is the Pl350 BionX— fit with a more powerful 350 watt motor and 36 volt battery, you’ll have a better range and more power at any given time, but it will be a few pounds heavier than the PL250.

Finally, there is the premium 48 volt bionX kit. With a higher wattage battery coupled with a 350watt motor, you’ll have increased power and range, and it’ll be 20% than the standard as well. Pretty sweet.

After taking test rides on these different models of Electric Bikes I was definitely riding high. If you get a chance, come by the shop take a few free test rides on some great electric bikes and you’ll see what I’m talking about!



What’s your Type? Choosing an E-bike.

January 22, 2013

These days Electric Bikes come in many different shapes and sizes and it’s important to know what would be the best choice given your specific needs as a rider.  Here are three different electric bikes, each tailored to fit the needs of a different riding style. The Montague Crosstown with BionX The Montague Crosstown with [...]

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Riding an Ebike in NYC

December 22, 2012

An Electric Bike may seem like a recent invention, as a kid I associated them with “futuristic technology” like flying cars and lasors- sure George Jetson owned one, but would I live to see the day?   But really electric bikes have been around for a long long time, much longer than I have, and [...]

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Hurricane Sandy on a Stromer

November 24, 2012

Here in New York City, hurricane Sandy completely halted all public transportation.  Living In Brooklyn and working at NYCeWheels in Manhattan, the only option was to travel by bicycle.  An electric bicycle is a great alternative to public transportation, giving you a freedom and independence that can only be achieved by cycling – allowing an [...]

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Electric bikes, lights and bells

August 25, 2012

Your electric bike riding experience is not complete without lights and a bell. If you bought your electric bike here at NYCeWheels and regularly ride around New York City, you should know that New York law requires lights and a bell. That’s right, reflectors alone don’t cut it, you need to be equipped with a [...]

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Brompton Electric: Sentimental Journe-E

June 12, 2012

A blog by TurboBob In this installment of my E-Brompton Banter I want to talk about the bike itself. As you might know, I had my Raw Lacquer M3L for over three months. I got a chance to really fall in love with this little folder. Fantasy said lightly close in… generictadalafil-20mgdosage @ how does [...]

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Living and Loving with a Gepida Reptila 1100

March 1, 2012

-By Turbo Bob. My Gepida and I have been together for going on a year. I think you should be able to believe me when I say we have become the most intimate of friends. Any cyclist can relate to the bond you get with a bike that helps to mold your lifestyle. I’ll try [...]

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First ride on an electric bicycle

December 21, 2011

I recently had the opportunity to ride my first electric bike, an eZee Sprint. Because you can zip around more quickly than usual, I found riding this bike to be really fun. When you ride without the electric assistance, it just feels like a normal bicycle. After you turn the keys and get on the [...]

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EBikes Physics 101

August 2, 2010

First, Some Basic Physics Work is defined as the transfer of energy.  In physics, they say that work is done on an object when you transfer energy to that object. For example, if a golfer uses a club and gets a stationary golf ball moving when he or she hits the ball, the club does [...]

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