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Living and Loving with a Gepida Reptila 1100

by Electric bike guru on March 1, 2012

Bob and the Gepida electric bike

Bob and the Gepida electric bike

-By Turbo Bob.

My Gepida and I have been together for going on a year. I think you should be able to believe me when I say we have become the most intimate of friends. Any cyclist can relate to the bond you get with a bike that helps to mold your lifestyle. I’ll try not to get too mushy as I tell you what it has meant to me over these last so many months.

First, this great E-bike is sized just for me. The Reptila comes in smaller sizes and different frame styles, but mine is a perfect fit. The up-right seating position and the multi-adjustable handlebar stem are optimum for my body. The semi-plush seat and suspension seat post match my riding needs. The jewel-like European fit and finish feel right and are pleasing to the eye. This electric-assist bike seems to float an inch above the ground with the nice suspension fork and spec’d tires it includes.

Some parts of the Gepida electric bike

Shifting the Nexus eight-speed hub is effortless. An easy twist of the wrist results in a gear change with no fore-thought. The power-assist comes on smooth and without any extra commands from me. The Gepida seems to know what I need before I do. Many miles of happy riding have solidified the bond we now share.

This E-bike is simplicity at it’s best. I climb on, push one button to activate the power system, and the ride begins. I have programmed the electrics so the built-in front and rear light come on every time I power it up. The intelligent pedelec feature senses my input and matches the assist levels to help me down the road and up the hills. It knows me and I know it.

When NYCeWheels offered me a chance to have an extended time with the Gepida, I was quite excited. I figured after a couple months, I would be satisfied and know enough about it to get my fill of fun that I expected. The rides continue and it seems to be enjoying it. The bike likes being ridden and I can tell. Silly, you say, don’t be so sure.

Gepida Reptila – Feel the joy

This Gepida Reptila 1100 just begs to be on the roads and bike paths. It awaits me eagerly in its spot in the garage for the next road trip. Nestled next to our other bikes, the Reptila pouts if it isn’t chosen for some saddle time. Luckily, that rarely happens, as I too sometimes feel bad if it is bypassed for any given ride. The joy it gives me is hard to explain, although it seems I am trying hard to do just that.

Unpacking the Gepida electric bike

The Gepida ships fully tuned up and assembled

One thing that helps me be at one with my bikes is building and adjusting them. I missed out on this part of our relationship because it arrived boxed and in one piece. Well, I did get to install the pedals and cinch down the stem. Plus, I got to upgrade the tubes to thorn-resistant slimed American spec items. I have also been able to give it the present of a second battery that doubles our range for really long rides. My Gepida was especially appreciative of that. I didn’t mind either.

Our first ride together netted a distance of 28 miles. That was with just the one battery it had at the time. It is so efficient at using its electrical power, that I immediately put it at the top of my list of E-bikes to ride. It has responded by treating me better every time we match up for some fun or errands. The Reptila and I have made some fine treks together and the bond just gets stronger. It especially likes long rides along the bay.

The electric bike is a man’s best friend…

Can you get the same companionship from your own Gepida Reptila 1100? I can’t say, but you owe it to yourself to find out. This highly rated E-bike could be just the ticket you are looking for to increase your cycling fun. Making an easy ride to work or shopping is on its list of duties. It aims to please and hits the mark so well. Head over to the NYCeWheels shop or website to see if there is one just like you want.

Choose a style and color, make the order, and wait for your new buddy to arrive via the mail. It will just fall together and the relationship of your dreams can begin. Me, Gepida, and NYCeWheels make for the best of combinations, maybe you will feel the same way.

E-bike review or romance novel? You be the judge, Turbo Bob.

“How can I convey the perfection of my comfort on the bicycle, the completeness of my union with her, the sweet response she gave me at every particle of her frame? I felt I had known her for many years and that she had known me and that we understood each other utterly.”—Flann O’Brien, The Third Policeman.