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Kettler Twin electric bike

What’s your Type? Choosing an E-bike.

by Jack R. on January 22, 2013

These days Electric Bikes come in many different shapes and sizes and it’s important to know what would be the best choice given your specific needs as a rider.  Here are three different electric bikes, each tailored to fit the needs of a different riding style.

The Montague Crosstown with BionX

Montague Crosstown with BionXThe Montague Crosstown with a BionX motor attached would make a great E-bike for riders used to commuting on an average road-bike.  On it’s own, the Montague crosstown is a folding bike designed to ride like a full-sized road-bike.  It has 7 speeds, large 700c wheels, fast tires and a stiff frame.  And, at the end of the day, it will still fold in half, small enough to store in your closet at home.   Using the BionX motor you can turn this already versatile bike into an electric bike that is lightweight (only 43 lbs), fast, and portable with a 20 mile range. This makes the Montague Crosstown BionX bike ideal for bikers who are used to commuting to work on their road-bikes but want to add a little electric kick.

The Kettler Twin electric bike

Kettler Twin electric bikeThe Kettler Twin Electric Bike would be my recommendation for someone looking for a reliable, comfortable, electric bike perfect for joyrides, trips to the market, rode primarily just to have fun.  With a low step through frame, riders from 5 feet to over 6 feet will be comfortable riding.  It has a very comfortable seat, large wheels, and 8 speeds for hills and longer distance riding.  It is one of the more efficient electric bikes out there, able to go over 20 miles on a single charge, and it is still light enough to pedal like a regular bike if you happen to run out of juice.  I imagine myself charging overnight and then taking the Kettler Twin electric bike on a joyride around central park on my day off.

The Electric Brompton Bike

The Electric Brompton folding bike is powerful and versatile— somewhat of a super-bike with all advantages of the Brompton (renowned for it’s folding ability) added to a powerful and efficient electric motor, capable of 20 + miles on a charge, and great acceleration.  Unlike the previous two models, the E-brompton has smaller 16 inch wheels so its not going to be the right choice for someone looking for the feel of a full-sized bike.  Instead the Electric Brompton is the perfect choice for a hardcore everyday commuter who treats his bike like it’s attached to him.

With the small folding size, you’d be able to store this ebike in your home, or take it with you into coffee shops or the office.   One of our most prolific writers, TurboBob, has an entire blog devoted to his electric Brompton, “E-Brompton Banter” in which he details taking his E-brompton all across California.  The Electric Brompton folds smaller than any folding e-bike on the market, is light (45lbs), powerful, and perfect for your everyday diehard commuter who has convenience and portability as priorities.




Commuting with the Kettler Twin

by SethW on October 23, 2012

If you’re looking for a comfortable bike with power assist, take a look at the Kettler Twin Electric Bike. This is one electric bike that is loaded with plenty of extras, and it rides like a dream. If you’re just riding to work, planning on doing some weekend riding on the bike path, or just looking to do some urban biking, the Kettler Twin Electric Bike is one fine ride.

Electric Assist on the Kettler Twin

Kettler Twin Electric Bike

Kettler Twin Electric Bike

The Kettler Twin electric bike uses an electric assist system, meaning that when you pedal you’ll feel a gentle nudge assisting you up hills and down the wide open bike lanes. The electric drive seems to know when you need a little nudge, and you can really feel it as your pedaling. If you’re new to biking, the electric assist system gives you plenty of comfort for longer rides, and if you’re an experience cyclist you’ll enjoy riding right along at 16 to 18mph. The electric assist comes in handy when hauling around books or a laptop from the office.

Your choice of 7 or 8 Speeds on the Kettler Twin

With either the 7 or 8 speed internal hub the Kettler Twin Electric Bike is comfortable and smooth, no matter what the terrain. The electric assist will help you bike up and over the steepest of hills and bridges, and on long straight-aways, when pedaling along in the top gear, you’ll be amazed at just how fast the Kettler Twin Electric Bike will fly. The range of gearing provides a perfect selection for all sorts of journeys, whether to the coffee shop, the college campus, or the downtown office.

Rack on the Kettler Twin E-bike

Rack on the Kettler Twin E-bike

Fully Loaded Electric Bike

The Kettler Twin electric bicycle comes fully loaded with extras you’d want in a commuter bike. The included rear rack is perfect way to carry books to the local campus or a briefcase to the corner office. With the included front and rear lights your daily bike commute will be a safe one, and the fenders will keep you dry in all sorts of weather conditions.

The Kettler Twin has a comfortable ride

With a longer wheel base and upright handlebars and stem configuration you’ll be able to cover plenty of miles in total comfort. And when paired with the advanced electric assist system and suspension front fork, you’ll swear the Kettler Twin electric bike was riding on a cushion of air. Get this electric bike on the road and you’ll notice the comfort right away, and this electric bike glides smoothly and stable along the pavement.

The Kettler Twin Overall

Kettler Twin E-bike

Kettler Twin E-bike

When you’re looking for a e-bike with a comfortable ride, plenty of extras for commuting to work or school, and you want the convenience of an electric assist system, the Kettler Twin electric bike is a perfect choice for you. Give this electric bike a test ride and you’ll be amazed at the solid ride and pleasant feel, and the electric power assist will blow you away.


Kettler Twin Electric Bicycle Review

May 15, 2012

I just had the pleasure of meeting the Kettler Electric Bike. A nice piece of German engineering, it has an electric motor in the drive train that acts as a helpful hand on those tough hills and inclines. The Shimano Nexus 8 speed internal hub is also a wondrous edition. I managed to maintain an [...]

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