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Stromer Bike Review

Stromer Electric Bike Review

by Electric bike guru on March 29, 2012

Electric Bike: Stromer

Testing the Stromer Electric Bike

The Stromer bike is a standard high-end mountain bike at first sight, with an over-sized down-tube, front suspension, 8-speeds, and disc brakes. Hop on the Stromer electric bike and look again; the over-sized down-tube houses the 36 volt battery, the front suspension has a lock-out for rock-solid power transfer on climbs, a dash panel to control the 600 watt motor, and disc brakes to stop you on a dime! Check out these Pictures of the Stromer to get a closer look.

Two Electric Bikes in One

With Dual Power Modes, the Stromer electric bicycle lets you pick and choose – it’s like having two electric bikes in one. The Pedal Assistance (PAS) Mode kicks in and helps you out, virtually making any hill “flat” or simply pedal effortlessly when needed. On the other hand, the Power on Demand (POD) Mode lets you cruise without breaking a sweat. The Stromer bike has a major benefit; accelerating away from traffic lights is no longer an issue, with a touch of a button or twist of a throttle you’re matching (or exceeding) the speed of the traffic around you – no more pedaling hard after each and every junction!

PASs Traffic & to the PODium on a Stromer

Stromer Electric Bike

Cruising on the Stromer Electric Bike

Another amazing aspect of the Stromer electic bike is how it can adjust the amount of assistance you need during different sections of your ride. With the Stromer bicycle you can haul cargo uphill with little effort using the pedal assist or let the motor do most of the work for you. The light, precise, efficient, and smooth motor system on the Stromer let’s you enjoy your bike ride no matter what the terrain in an elegant electric bike.

The electric bicycle habit can quickly become addictive. I was having a blast on the Stromer. Whether using PAS, to get that extra electrical kick as I was riding normally, or full on POD, twist and go throttle, non-human power. I was cruising at a nearly constant speed of 15 mph in the city. It might not seem like a lot, but I was beating the stop-start city traffic anyway.

Refresh and Reload on Electric Bikes

Commuting or simply enjoying a cruise out and about on a Stromer electric bike can lift your entire day. You’ll arrive to work excited (not to mention, dry) and return home fresh and eager to enjoy the evening. Also make sure to check out this great Stromer video review to hear what other people have to say!