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500 watts of red carpet

by Jack R. on January 11, 2014

Choosing your favorite electric bike is a bit like choosing your favorite celebrity. Some are fashionable and always look flashy, some are efficient and can effortlessly run long distances, others are great performers and are perfect in a variety of different roles.

A2B MetroThe A2b Metro Diesel

The A2B Metro is somewhere between a classy well dressed action hero and the winner of the World’s Strongest Man competition. First off, the A2B just has that touch of elegance. Bright crisp colors like red and silver, shiny high tech components that turn the head, and a visually striking frame, somewhat reminiscent of a moped, that has a tinge of the romantic. At the same time, it’s also looks super burly and tough, able to haul a lot of weight and get the job done.

A2B metroLooking at the A2B, I imagine myself cruising along a winding path on the Mediterranean on my way to the Villa, but at the same time I’m thinking, “Damn, I bet this thing could haul a lot of wood.” Like Vin Diesel, the Ab2 has a lot of torque and could lift some serious weight at the gym, but I also wouldn’t be surprised to see it featured on GQ.

Brompton Firth

Electric Brompton BikeAn electric bike like the E-Brompton is a bit hard to pin down as it combines so many different elements – incredibly versatile, the ideal commuter, able to become very compact and perform perfectly in every situation – Inspector Gadget might be a good fit if he were a real person. Actors who can play vastly different roles perfectly come to mind, the Daniel Day Lewis’ and Philip Seymour Hoffmans of the industry, but there’s something more common place and comfortable about the Brompton which doesn’t fit with these eccentric titans of Hollywood. Perhaps an actor like Colin Firth, who delivers with power and efficiency, is very diverse, great in every role, but also has a more everyday humility about him.

Like the electric Brompton, I think I could hang out with Colin Firth everyday without getting annoyed, and I imagine him being easy to take into restaurants or cafes without causing a scene, although he’d definitely be a conversation starter. He’s also very British.

Brody St1 Platinum

Adrian Brody Stromer St1And then there’s the Stromer St1 Platinum, the sleekest, sportiest bike in the shop, elegant bright red finish, fast 30 mph top speed, made only with the best components and looks great on camera. Really I have no choice but to compare the Stromer St1 with Adrian Brody. Not that he can run 30 mph, or is powered by a Samsung 36 volt lithium ion battery, but he did come in the shop and buy a Stromer St1 of his own, so I figured I’de give him props.

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