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The Stromer

All roads lead to Stromer!

by Electric bike guru on May 3, 2012

Today, I got a chance to try out the Stromer Electric Bike and, I have to say, it was pretty awesome. Last week, I rode another electric bike, the Kettler Twin, and we had a good time together, but today, as I sped around the bike path in Central Park, the Stromer Electric Bike just might have stolen my heart!

Three Reasons why I love the Stromer:

1) The Stromer is really fast.

At the highest level of assistance, the Kettler Twin got up to an impressive 18mph. I was surprised and delighted to find that the Stromer Electric Bike can go even faster! Even at the lowest assistance level I could feel a real boost of acceleration whenever I started to pedal, and at the highest level I was pushing 25 on flats and 20 on inclines.

2) The Stromer has a wide selection of assistance levels.

Whereas the Kettler Twin has three different levels of assistance, the Stromer Electric Bike has a walloping four: Eco, City, Tour, and Power. Additionally, the Stromer has the option to activate the electric motor without pedaling via a throttle. To me it feels a little less exciting not using the pedals, but I do like the option of using a throttle. It just has a ring to it: throttle.

3) The Stromer has flat handlebars

The curvy handlebars on the Kettler Twin are very comfortable but they do increase wind resistance, and make it a little more difficult to go really fast. This probably isn’t something you would notice if you’re taking it easy, but if you’re suddenly feeling like a speed demon, the flat handlebars on the Stromer can make a big difference, allowing to lower your center of gravity and become more aerodynamic.

Long story short, the Stromer Electric Bike swept me off my feet today. I planned on taking a single loop around the Central Park bike path, but when I made the full circuit, I was having so much fun that I just had to go around one more time. When I felt like getting a workout I would switch the assistance off and pedal my heart out, and when I wanted to speed, I would kick in the juice and let ‘er rip. Nothing like a little electric bike shock therapy to get your heart pumping!

So definitely, if you’re interested in electric bikes, take a good long look at the Stromer, and if you can, come by and take a test ride so you can see for yourself!